Time management

Time management made really easy (GTD + Evernote)

I have tried many of the time management systems out there over the years. I gave up on all of them, usually because I was finding it took me too long to learn them and to maintain them.

What I want a time management system to do easily is:

  • Maintain a list of all my tasks, and would-be tasks
  • Prioritise them without having to score them, rewrite them, etc
  • Maintain a list of all my projects, and where I am with them
  • Start off my day knowing exactly where I am with my appointments, tasks, and projects
  • Know at a glance what I have to do now, and next.
  • Not miss anything or forget anything

The system I am about to tell you about, which is calledTimology, allows me to do all this – and easily.

I use a simple combination of theGetting Things Donemethod of David Allen together withEvernote. You can do it for free, though the paid version of Evernote gives you a little more functionality.

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